What Is CBD Isolate & Should I Use It?

CBD isolate is making headlines, and it’s gaining thousands of new users every day. It’s changing lives, and it is becoming part of many health and wellness programs around the world. But CBD isolate is different from your normal hemp oil or CBD oil – much different.

It’s a new way to use CBD, and the key most important thing is versatility.

CBD Isolates 101

If you’re wondering what CBD isolate is, it’s a cannabidiol that is in its purest form: crystalline form. The best CBD crystalline comes in a fine white power. The powder is the purest, most powerful form of CBD you’ll be able to buy.   You can now order this cbd crystalline directly from The CBD Distillery here.

But it’s still rather new.

Extraction is still taking the market by storm, and we’re seeing an increase in wholesalers, customers and formulators that are demanding CBD isolate. Since this is an unmodified form of CBD, it’s extremely powerful and allows the end-user to know exactly what they’re taking.

What happens is that CBD isolate is created from an extraction process. When the extraction process is started, it produces botanical concentrate that has cannabinoids in it. Other plant material that is naturally occurring in hemp plants is present along with fatty acids.

Once this process occurs, it’s followed by a purifying process that filters all of the plant material.

Filtration is just one part of the process. After the filtration process occurs, the oil is cooled down during the “winterized” process. What this process does is further remove any excess waxes that are left behind.

What’s left?  A 99% pure cannabidiol.

When purchasing any form of isolate, you’ll want to look at the testing that is done on the substance. A lot of certifications for testing will be present, including:

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005

This testing certification is very important because it tells a person a lot about what tests have been done on the CBD isolate. This particular test will check for concentration accuracy as well as the presence of any:

  • Heavy metals
  • Residual solvents
  • Contamination
  • Toxins
  • Fungus

Essentially, if you see that this certification is present on a CBD isolate, you’ll know that it has been tested for the utmost in purity and meets stringent requirements.

CBD Distillery purity certificateIsolate products are often extracted from areas of the world where CBD products are readily available and legal. Europe, for example, is often a key source for CBD.

Isolate form actually contains fewer cannabinoids than other forms of CBD, so this means that the dosage requires will be higher. A higher dosage must be accounted for when using isolate to ensure that you achieve the desired benefits.

CBD isolate is a great option where marijuana is not legal because it can still often be legally purchased and used. When using CBD, you’re using this for non-psychoactive benefits, so do not expect to get a high.

What Can It Be Used for?

What isolate offers is a substance that has no taste or smell. Since there’s no taste or smell, it’s the ideal candidate for integration into anything. It’s the perfect formula, and initial reports suggest that it is safe for use for people of all ages.

The presence of no taste or smell is vital because you can:

  1. Create Cannabidiol Oils. Infuse your oils with isolate, and this can be done with precision. Since the oil is 99% pure, you’ll be able to determine that each gram has 990 mg of cannabidiol. It’s easy to take these measurements and make your own oils with precision calculations.
  2. Create a Sweetener. Make your own CBD isolate sweetener. This is an easy process. All you have to do is mix your isolate in with agave or honey. A lot of people will then use a double boiler to dissolve the isolate into the sweetener. Now, you’ll have isolate-infused sweeteners that can be used to sweeten anything from your coffee to cereal or even toast.
  3. Infuse Existing Products. If you have tinctures and other items that have CBD in then but you wish they had more, you can always infuse them. Add a bit of isolate, and test to see if it is potent enough for your liking.

And before I mention how to use CBD isolate, it’s equally important to know that CBD is very beneficial for you. CBD is one of the 60 compounds in cannabis, and it’s not the psychoactive ingredient THC.

You’ll find most people using CBD not for the psychoactive benefits, but for benefits that include:

  • Pain relief. Studies show that CBD is a natural pain reliever, and these very studies also show that CBD may be useful in pain modulation. Neuronal transmission in pain pathways may also be inhibited. Neuropathic and inflammatory pain is greatly suppressed when CBD oil is used.
  • Antipsychotic. CBD’s benefits also include antipsychotic effects that are similar to that seen with antipsychotic drugs. There have been studies done on animals that show CBD can be used in neurochemical and behavioral techniques, too.
  • Anxiety. Animal models were again fused to find that CBD oil had a positive effect on anxiety and greatly reduces social anxiety disorder. The studies also found that obsessive compulsive disorders, panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders have also been positively treated using CBD oil. Speech performance was the key area of focus in one study that also found that the group that took CBD oil had less anticipation of their speech and lower anxiety levels.
  • Cancer. A lot of studies have been done that point to CBD being beneficial for fighting cancer. Less potent cancer cells were found in breast tumors when a person uses CBD, and there’s also one study that shows dependent cell death thanks to the CBD oil. This non-toxic compound, when used at 700 mg per day for six weeks, showed no signs of toxicity, allowing it to be a potential long-term option for lung and colon cancer.
  • Nausea. A person that is suffering from nausea or vomiting can find help with CBD. Pregnant woman are not advised to use CBD unless otherwise permitted by their physician. Toxin-induced vomiting is also reduced, but in very high doses, CBD may actually increase the effect of nausea or make it worse.
  • Seizures. The use of CBD isolate and seizures is very well-documented. Research shows that neurological disorders and seizures may be treated with the use of CBD isolate. A survey from Stanford University showed that CBD can help children suffering from seizures and epilepsy. This has been well-documented online in many cases by Youtubers who want to show the positive impact CBD has on their children or themselves.
  • Diabetes. An interesting study from 2006 examined CBD’s impact on diabetes, and it found that incidence of diabetes in treated mice was just 30% compared to 86% for non-treated mice.
  • Cardiovascular. There’s evidence from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology that suggests CBD isolate may also help against vascular damage. Vascular hyperpermeability is reduced, too.

And don’t think this is all that CBD isolate can help you with. This isolate is beneficial in many ways, and you can use it in a variety of ways, too.

How to Use CBD Isolate

CBD isolate can be made into a sweetener, added to your existing products or even used to create CBD oils. There are a lot of uses for isolate, and this is just the start. You can do a few of the following if you want to take CBD isolate and experience its benefits:

  • Add the infused sweetener to your coffee or tea.
  • Add the sweetener on top or your fruit or other foods.
  • Add the isolate into coconut or avocado oil and massage it into your sore muscles.
  • Create oils for vaping. CBD isolate cannot go above 320 – 356F or it will begin to degrade.

Some people will add it to their food, but make sure that the food does not have to be cooked at a higher point than listed above. There is a boiling point wherein the CBD isolate will start to degrade and lose its potency.

You’ll find that in oil form, you can also take your isolate sublingually. What this means is that you can place it under the tongue and take it directly. This is a potent form of administration, and when it’s placed under the tongue, you’ll want to:

  • Hold it for 60 – 90 seconds

When you do this, the CBD will be able to enter the bloodstream. Fast entrance into the bloodstream allows for the oil to bypass the metabolism and impact the liver, too. This means that you’ll start experiencing the benefits of CBD isolate faster and more effectively.

Sublingually taking CBD is the fastest and more potent form of administration.

Since there’s no smell or taste, you won’t even notice that CBD isolate is really under your tongue.

Edibles are also a very popular choice, but remember that it’s also not a great option for boiling hot water or even very hot foods. You wouldn’t want to bake food with CBD isolate on top of it because the CBD will also degrade.



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