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Prime My Body | MLM Comes To The CBD Industry

If Prime My Body’s hemp oil seems to good to be true, that’s because it is overly hyped by affiliates.  That is not to say that their CBD products do not have merit as they do have some unique value propositions and delivery methods.

While it is true that they have some solid products, the way they drive sales can be off putting to traditional supplement consumers.  To be fair, it was only a matter of time before MLM businesses entered the CBD industry, and it looks like Prime My Body is the one to usher them in with force.

Is it fair to say they are a  scam?  No.  We have updated this review in good faith as for some users this might be the perfect blend of business opportunity and health benefits.

If you’ve been introduced to this product by a family member, friend or website, you may be wondering whether you should buy it and if the claims are true. We’re going to take a look at the facts and you can judge for yourself.

A Primer on Prime My Body

Prime My Body is a “health, wellness and lifestyle company” that claims its purpose is to raise awareness on living a healthy, clean lifestyle.

If you’re looking for some real information about the company and its founders, good luck.  This is one of our major problems with them and we wish they would be more transparent about their origins and product development.  We did find the company’s address on its lab test page, which seems to indicate that they are located on LBJ Freeway in Dallas, TX.

The Prime My Body Hemp Oil Business Opportunity

If you are familiar with other MLM opportunities like Le-Vel Thrive, this might be the a great alternative for you to earn some extra bucks.  t

The company uses a typical MLM setup. Affiliates pay a small membership fee ($39 in this case), they purchase Prime My Body products, and they earn commissions on their sales.  Affiliates can also make money by recruiting their own network of affiliates.  This was our initial introduction to the company.

Those affiliates have plenty of motivation to sell the company’s hemp oil,  and is why we said your first impression was most likely a sales push from a current affiliate. Affiliates have also been told that high-level members will be provided stock options, as an IPO is allegedly coming in the future.  To be fair, that has happened before with the pre-paid legal craze in the 90’s so we will take them at their word.

The company’s head marketer has claimed that it will see revenue growth of $1 billion to $3 billion over the first three years of operation. It is worth noting that the entire hemp industry (which includes industrial, textiles, food, CBD and other applications) was worth less than $700 million in 2016 so we have concerns about their math.  With that said, clearly this is an emerging market and growth it fueled to accelerate over the next few years.

One to three billion dollars in growth is an ambitious claim to make to begin with, and if you are considering joining their business opportunity, this is certainly a enticing number.

What About Their CBD Products?

Prime My Body claims their CBD oil has 100% bio-availability, making it the most effective product in this market.  They have some persuasive language to describe why their product is absorbed more readily than other forms of CBD.

Unfortunately, we have not found any scientific way to validate this claim to date.  With our companies, we look at 3rd party batch results to verify claims. To date we have not found any information like this from Prime My Body.

The company says their delivery system is what improves the bio-availability of the product. Prime My Body’s Hemp Oil uses the liposomal delivery system, which basically means that you spray the product on your tongue.

Initially, the company posted a “certification” of the product that was a simple sworn affidavit signed by the company’s COO. They appear to now have a lab test that shows the product contains 6.6 mg/ml of Phytocannbinoid Diols.  What’s interesting is that the supplement claims to have 16mg of Phytocannbinoid Diols in a 2mL dose. The lab results show a lower concentration, but we have no way of knowing how much was tested and how the company’s labeling has evolved.  Do the math for yourself and see if it is worthwhile.

The science of liposomal delivery is strong, so if the lab results are genuine, at least you know the product contains some Phytocannbinoid Diols.

Costs and Purchases

Another area we had concerns with was their pricing.  Quality CBD oil is pricey to manufacture but Prime My Body charges about $150 for a 1.7-ounce bottle of their hemp oil.  I don’t know about you but I like to comparison shop and get the best value for the best quality.  If that pricing is within your budget, more power to you.  Hopefully it lives up to their claims and is worth that price tag.

By this point, you understand that we are not fans of the MLM setup.  Not just in terms of this company either.  So although you can see the price of the product online, you can’t actually buy it unless you become an affiliate. That means you’ll have to pay $39 on top of the $150 just to get the product for yourself.  To reiterate, maybe this is not a big deal to you and you are going to be a big success in this setup. 

To be fair, we suspect that one of the key reasons for the higher pricing is  because of its unique delivery method, which is supposed to offer high bioavailability. Again, thissounds great on paper and may be something for you to consider.  If we could try the product without signing up for the MLM program would could provide with an accurate opinion on the quality.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lesson to be learned from Prime My Body: Do your research. Find out as much as you can about any CBD oil before you buy it.  It may truly be great quality but it is not easy to order and actually try the product.

Education is the best tool of defense when buying CBD oil – or any product for that matter. My advice to you: don’t buy the first CBD product that you see or read about. Research the brand and verify the purity and quality of the oil.

The CBD industry is like the Wild West right now.  Many aggressive salesmen will shield companies with misleading claims.  We are not saying this is the case here, but our opinion is that you need to verfiy their claims for yourself.


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