Thank you for your interest in CBD Alliance.  This site has been a great joy for us to dig deeper into the power of CBD and they many ways in can improve our lives.

I first learned about cannabidiol in early 2014 after being diagnosed with PTSD.

At that time, I was not responding to traditional cognitive based therapy (6 months) as much as I had hoped but did not want to take any type of opioid prescription.  Since that time, the growth in awareness and the entire industry has been amazing.  I have personally tested over 25 different blends and brands.  Some are exceptional and some have already went out of business- and for good reason.   You can find those companies in our Scams category.

Perhaps most salient in my personal journey is that I have made huge improvements in my quality of life and no longer feel crippled from the symptoms of PTSD.

Why does this matter you?   Well, to be honest, it may not matter and that is fine. 

The point I want to emphasize is that there is hope out there.

Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, depression, endometriosis or PTSD.  We are living through a period of rapid change and more and more people are looking for natural alternatives that are scientifically proven to be effective.

We hope to provide with a reliable resource on which brands you can trust and those that you should stay away from.

To be clear, this is a serious medical supplement and you need to consult your doctor for any and all health considerations.  Our experience says that dosage will vary from person to person and we always suggest starting with half of the recommended starting dose to access tolerance.   Read our medical disclaimer here.

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