Cannabis has over 80 compounds that make up the molecules called cannabinoids. These molecules are what provide the effects that people will experience when smoking marijuana.

But, there are two compounds with the highest concentration in cannabis: CBD and THC.

These are the compounds that are most recognized and studied.

In terms of “intoxication,” the compound THC will play a big role in the high that is felt by the user. CBD on the other hand has more of a calming effect and doesn’t have the high that THC provides.

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If you’re trying to relieve pain, for example, but still need to function at work, a strain of cannabis with a high CBD level would be beneficial.

And, there are several different ways you can use CBD as a way to improve your health and / or manage symptoms of chronic illnesses.

How to use CDB

What Is CBDCBD can be used in a lot of different ways. You already know that you can smoke marijuana and experience the benefits of CBD, but this isn’t your only option. There is also the option to buy this compound in the following forms:

  • CBD Capsules: Capsules are ingested orally and will begin to absorb into the body within 30 minutes in most cases. This will allow for fast relief and a form of administering the CBD into the body slowly.
  • CBD Extract: Extract is usually found in tinctures that are placed under the tongue. This is one of the earliest forms of cannabis medications and usually contains alcohol or oil to dilute the taste. Less concentrated than their oil counterparts, extract is ideal for stress relief and mild symptoms.
  • CBD Oil: Oils are normally rubbed into the skin and have a high concentration of CBD. When the oils are applied, they’ll quickly enter into the bloodstream and provide quick results for the user. If a person is using CBD for medicinal purposes, oil is a great option for pain relief as are topical options.
  • CBD Topical: The topical approach is much like the oil approach, but may contain scents and other additives. When applied to the skin, you’ll start to find near immediate relief, and will often benefit from moisturizing effects. These topical options can also come in salves and balms so that they’re a little more discreet.
  • Juicing Cannabis: A new trend involves people juicing their cannabis. This is done by juicing the actual plants of a CBD strain of cannabis or hemp. You’ll essentially be making yourself a healthy shake of cannabis that is potent and effective. You can also add in other ingredients to offset the taste.
  • Vaporizing: Many people are using CBD oil in their vaporizers. This will allow you to essentially inhale the vapor and benefit from it. In the typical situation, vaporizing the oil will have less of an effect on the user as it loses some of its potency in the process. For more information about CBD vaporizing, visit our recommend vaporizers for medical CBD use: The Pax Portable Vaporizer & The Volcano Desktop Vaporizer.

For medicinal purposes, doctors will provide you with the proper dosage options. You may also find edible CBD options as well as teas and drinks. These work by simply ingesting the item much like the extract.

CBD will need to be used as needed. And, the forms listed have fewer potential side effects than smoking marijuana. Why? You have less of a chance of inhaling the smoke, which can cause future health issues.

Note: CBD has very little side effects, but you will need to keep dosages under 200mg. In the event of extremely high dosages, you’re at a higher risk of side effects – none are fatal or life threatening.

Is CBD Oil Legal?


A lot of misinformation is going around that states with 100% certainty that CBD oil is legal. But, this isn’t exactly the truth. As with many different laws, there are rules and restrictions that accompany CBD.

Normally, the oil is extracted from the leaves of the hemp plant.

But, federal law states that it must come from the stem, root or seed of the hemp plant. A major issue is that the oil in these areas is diluted and not as potent as the oil in the leaves. So, while it may be legal, it needs to be processed properly for the legal status to stick.

Most states have legalized hemp oil for medicinal use, but if it’s a low dosage, it is allowed to be imported and sold in the country.

Texas, for example, has passed legislation that allows for this oil to be sold legally. There are distribution rules in place, and the local government will oversee the distribution of the oil in the state.

The reason for the state allowing the oil to be sold is based on the many benefits that it offers (we’ll talk about this shortly). When you apply the oil to your skin, you’ll be able to help treat epilepsy, kill certain cancerous cells and even stop metastasis of more aggressive cancers.

So, there are sound and proven medical benefits to this compound, and more states are passing legislation allowing for the legal use of CBD.

Top 3 Benefits For CBD Oil

CBD Oil BenefitsWhen you consider any cannabidol, you must know the benefits of CBD and what they offer to you. The following benefits are in no way extensive, but they do include the most promising benefits that you need to know.

1. CBD is Non-Psychoactive

Discussed briefly earlier, when you use CBD, you don’t have to worry about psychoactive effects taking place. In medical facilities, this allows CBD to be the most promising component of cannabis because it provides the least side effects possible.

THC, on the other hand, will act on the brain’s CB1 receptors.

These are receptors that are in a high concentration in the brain and will be what are activated when a person gets high with cannabis that has a high concentration of THC.

Several studies have been conducted on the compound that have deemed it safe even with high dosages. So, you won’t need to worry about severe side effects occurring, and you’ll be able to maintain the same sharp brain functionality that you have while reading this article.

Those that need to function throughout the day will prefer CBD over THC.

2. Strong Medical Benefits

Study after study is being conducted on CBD and the medical benefits that this compound provides. And, you’ll be surprised that many studies in the past were actually done on animals rather than people. Now, studies are being done on humans with exceptional results across the board.

CBD can offer the following effects:

  • Fights off tumor and cancer cells.
  • Relieves anxiety and depression.
  • Reduces the feeling of nausea.
  • Suppresses seizure activity.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Helps combat neurodegenerative disorders.

It’s amazing to think that this one compound, long marked off as illegal, can offer so many great health benefits. In fact, the medical benefits of cannabis are bringing the plant into legal territory all on their own as more and more states are beginning to legalize cannabis across the board.

And, that means we’re just at the cusp of the medical benefits that CBD can offer.

One of the most promising benefits of CBD is that it’s considered an endometriosis natural treatment.

3. Offers Pain and Anxiety Relief

It has been proven that CBD offers potent pain relief. When a person has mild to moderate pain, they’ll find that CBD oil can alleviate the pain. This is demonstrated even further when the pain is caused by inflammation.

CBD, as discussed earlier, has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Diseases and pains that are a result of inflammation can be combated with CBD.

Anxiety relief is also given with CBD and THC. This allows a person to relieve anxiety and stress.

And, people that suffer from severe anxiety or pain may find that THC is the best compound for them. This is a result of the psychoactive agents in THC.


CBD Side Effects

CBD Side Effects

There are no true side effects that have been proven scientifically when using CBD aside from it being “wake promotive.”

This means that people who suffer from insomnia will not like the energetic properties that CBD offers.

A few of the leading manufacturers of CBD oil state the following side effects:

  • Mild stomach pain (very rare).
  • Sedative effect in high dosages.
  • Dysphoria (when taken in 200mg servings or higher).

Throughout all of history, starting from ancient times, there has only been one fatality that has been blamed on CBD. There has also been one major “illness” recorded in all of history that has been attributed to CBD.

The side effects experienced today are only witnessed in very high dosages.



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