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Briefing Notes for COP12
Thursday, 02 October 2014
article thumbnailCivil society groups from all over the world within the CBD Alliance network have been discussing the issues at stake at COP 12. The following briefing notes reflect the key issues and major concerns for this COP in Pyeongchang, South Korea. - The Pyeongchang roadmap and Sustainable Development Goals   - Finance   - Synthetic Biology   - Marine and Coastal Biodiversity   - Invasive Species   - ICCAs and Aichi targets   The following briefing notes will be available any time soon:   - Biodiversity and Climate Change   - Ecosystem Conservation and Restauration   -...
article thumbnailIf you wish to follow up on what happens and what is relevant for the Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol (7th COP-MOP, 29th September - 3rd Octobre 2014), you can check the following links on a daily basis:  * The ECOs published by the CBD Alliance: interesting background information and analysis relevant to the ongoing discussions. * The Earth Negotiations Bulletins: a service by IISD which gives the highlights of the discussions of the previous day.  * Relevant Analysis by the Third World Network  
article thumbnailNGO Meeting Room: The meeting room assigned to NGOs is: Hall B-room B1, right next to the Plenaryroom/Working Group 1 room Strategy & Capacity Building sessions: - a strategy session before the Cartagena Protocol MOP, on Sunday 28th September 2 - 6 PM - a capacity building session on COP issues, on Saturday 4th of October, 2-6 pm - a strategy session on COP issues, on 5th October, from 10am till 6pm - a strategy session on Nagoya Protocol issues, on sunday 12th October, 3pm-6pm Daily Coordination meetings:  Every day during MOP, from 9.00 till10.00 Every day during COP, from 8.30 till10.00 ECOs: We pretend to have daily ECOs. Articles are very welcome! They should be related to agenda items, or at least to general points of interest fro...
Logistical details for COP-MOP7 and COP12
Friday, 26 September 2014
article thumbnailArriving: there are (some) representatives of COP host in the airport (they carry a "miss-beauty" like string... Host officies is "somewhere" at the right hand in the Incheon arrival hall.  Transport from the airport to the venue: check this document. In the first few days of COP-MOP it has been seen that there are several problems, and that transfer times take longer than the announced. Cost is 29US$. Money exchange: Only KRW are excepted. Exchange rate at the airport is of 1004KRW/US$. Exchange rate at the venue is of 1031KRW/US$. There is no bank during the weekend at the venue! Exchange possibility is limited! Credit cards are excepted everywhere. Debit cards are difficult to use.  Telephone: It seems the Korean system does not work...
article thumbnailIf you are interested in up to date information on biosafety issues and GMOs, you can find interesting information on the website of the Third World Network, in its section on biosafety. The website includes interesting and in-depth information on impacts of GMOs in different areas, civil soceity actions, intergouvernmental decisions, negotiations, etc. 
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