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Briefing Notes for COP12
Monday, 13 October 2014
article thumbnailCivil society groups from all over the world within the CBD Alliance network have been discussing the issues at stake at COP 12. The following briefing notes reflect the key issues and major concerns for this COP in Pyeongchang, South Korea. - The Pyeongchang roadmap and Sustainable Development Goals   - Finance   - Synthetic Biology   Marine and Coastal Biodiversity   - Invasive Species   - ICCAs and Aichi targets   - Biodiversity and Climate Change   - Biofuels   - Ecosystem Conservation and Restauration    - Genetically Engeneered...
article thumbnail-– All Beings are Buddha in Their True Nature – By viewing nature as a resource to be controlled and exploited, humans have largely destroyed the habitats of animals and plants, thereby driving them to the brink of extinction. This crisis comes back to us as in karmic form, posing in turn a threat to our very survival. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has played a significant role in preserving biodiversity. However, it should be noted that the Convention is ethically limited as it also assumes living organisms to be an exploitable resource for economic benefit In Pyeongchang, the venue of the COP 12, Korean Buddhists are to repent for the life-destroying activities undertaken so far and instead strive to create the momentum...
CBD Alliance opening statement COP12
Monday, 06 October 2014
article thumbnailThank you for this opportunity to speak. We fully support the statement of theIIFB, including the proposal to use international accepted terminology like indigenous peoples. The CBD Alliance is deeply concerned to note the world is not on track to control theloss of biodiversity. And we cannot but notice that this Convention is not even implementing its own decisions. Worse still, in several cases, after good decisions are taken, issues seem to disappear from national and international agendas. Such is the case for agriculture, biofuels, and forests. The review of the implementation of these work programs and decisions should be standing items on the agenda of CBD COPs. Agricultural biodiversity shows the beautiful result of the long...
article thumbnailIf you wish to follow up on what happens and what is relevant for the Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol (7th COP-MOP, 29th September - 3rd Octobre 2014), you can check the following links on a daily basis:  * The ECOs published by the CBD Alliance: interesting background information and analysis relevant to the ongoing discussions. * The Earth Negotiations Bulletins: a service by IISD which gives the highlights of the discussions of the previous day.  * Relevant Analysis by the Third World Network  
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